måndag 7 mars 2011

Four for four

Resuscitating this old blog as well, I fired up the other one yesterday. The last time I wrote something here, as you can see, was July 2009 about a cricket match which my team Middlesex won. So it's fitting that this entry should also be about a sports match which "my" team won.

Yesterday afternoon Conor and I and 2 of his friends and one of their dads (a friend of mine) went into town to watch the Liverpool v Manchester United match in a pub, this was the second time Conor and I had done that. It was a very exciting game with Liverpool having most of the chances and leading for most of the match, until about 10 minutes from the end when Man. Utd pulled one back. Final result 3-1 to the Reds.

Now the interesting or even spooky aspect of this is that Conor and I are now 4 for 4.
We attended 2 matches at Anfield in November last year, both of which Liverpool won.
And we've now been out to a pub for 2 matches both of which Liverpool have won.
I wonder how long our winning streak will last. The luck of the Irish.
My cousin Susan thinks we should move over to keep the luck going, and Conor wants to go to university in Liverpool.

But by writing about it now, by making it public, I've probably killed the luck!
The odd thing is though, when we don't watch a match in the pub or at Anfield they tend to draw or lose.