onsdag 1 juli 2009


Well in recent months this blog has gone the way of my others in that it's been neglected.
Partially through a growing sense of disillusionment regarding blogs, twitters,facebooks and all other forms of cyber socialising. And partially because I haven't felt that burning need in a long long time now; that need to purge myself in writing, and to communicate to the rest of the world some vital piece of knowledge or trivia that I feel the global village can't live without.

But now, yes now, I have something to relay. About a month ago I suddenly felt a burning spiritual and cultural need to go to mass again. The word "mass" will inform those of you au fait in matters theological that I am a Roman Catholic.

"Again" is perhaps a bit misleading because it might lead the reader to assume that I hadn't been to church in a few months due to the pressures of life, whereas the truth is that I've been a rock solid secular humanist, what the church calls an atheist, for at least the last 10 years if not more.

This burning spiritual and cultural need was sparked by a few things both external and internal.
And on my first attendance at a Catholic mass after many years I was pleasantly surprised at the spiritual and cultural sense of belonging it gave me.

It was like coming home after a long self-imposed absence and wondering why I ever left.

The Catholic church in my home town in Sweden is not much to write home about, it being as it is a converted large old fashioned 3 room flat in a Victorian mansion block. It was made into a Church and consecrated in the 1950s.

That said it is beautiful and elegant in its own way and I expect to spend many more masses there.

Pax Domine

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jc sa...

Hi James We have a lot in common. Though I was born in Liverpool of Irish decent who settled there at the time of hunger trying to get to America no doubt but did not have the means, I now live in Sweden. Surprised with your leap back to Catholicism I reach for Schopenhauer and Nietzsche when I get what my sister calls "The Bewilderments":-) Check out my website at www.josephcooper.eu and if you are ever in the Stockholm area drop us line if you fancy a pint. My skype is jorovico first two letters of Joseph Robert Vincent Cooper. Vincent was my confirmation name :-) Check out my documentaries http://www.josephcooper.eu/videos.html all the best Joseph Cooper Grillby Sweden