lördag 11 april 2009

Underground, Overground


This link is to a page detailing the history of the railway and tube maps of London, and as such appeals to me on many levels: my love of the architechtonic aspects of London, especially its transport infrastructure, a love of all things "underground" , a deep rooted fascination with diagrammatic systems (in other words maps), and of course trains and railways in general.
My office walls are adorned with lots of railway and tube maps of London, in my own attempt to chart the historical development of the London railways that evolved into the London UndergrounD. (That capital D there at the end is deliberate and important, I'm sure you'll find out why if you do some reading about London's underground railways)
Finally of course, as a Londoner, I am extremely interested in all the aspects of London that come as a surprise to me, that are new, and even better slightly shocking or ghastly.

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